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Godown Park


  1. Drinking fountain
  2. Open green space


Established in 2012 in partnership with the City of Columbus, Godown Park is a 10-acre park primarily developed as a dog park and consists of a one-acre small dog area, a four-and-a-half acre large dog area and also includes benches, a dog water fountain, pathways winding through the park and a paved parking lot. The land was acquired in 2000 and was previously used by the Parks Department as a tree nursery. The park is open from dawn to dusk. Considerable support and fundraising were provided by W.O.O.F. (Worthington Organized Off-leash Friends).

The park is open from dawn to dusk.  Please comply with all Dog Park Rules.

 A small portion of the park is also used by the Worthington Parks & Recreation Department as a tree nursery.
  Native Ohio trees, such as sycamore, oak, buckeye and hickory, are being grown there and will later be transplanted along the river in the Olentangy Parklands to replace older trees.