Electric Aggregation Program


Worthington voters gave the City of Worthington the go-ahead to pool the community’s electricity buying power by approving an issue to establish the City as an electric aggregator. The goals of the City’s electric aggregation program are to lower household electric bills and increase renewable (green) energy usage. After receiving a number of proposals from energy suppliers, City Council has entered into an agreement with AEP Energy that will reduce the electric bills of participants and include the use of green energy certificates.  

Under the program, utility company AEP Ohio continues to carry, service and bill for the electricity service. The only change is in the generation source of the electricity which is identified as AEP Energy on the bill.

Eligibility and Enrollment

Eligible residents and small businesses have automatically been added to the program unless they opted-out during the opt-out period. Residents who wish to opt-out may still do so anytime by calling AEP Energy at 1-888-549-9008. 

Residents who were not previously eligible, but who become eligible and would like to opt-in at a later date, can call AEP Energy at 1-888-549-9008 or check their eligibility and sign up online.

April 2022 update:

Residents and small businesses who were not previously eligible, but later became qualified for the program, received letters in the mail in April 2022. They would be automatically enrolled in the program unless they chose to opt-out following the instructions in the letter.

See April 2022 letter including answers to frequently asked questions

If you missed the May 26, 2022 opt-out deadline but would still like to opt-out, you may do so at any time by calling AEP Energy at 1-888-549-9008.

Quarterly Performance Reports

The City of Worthington also purchases RECs to offset the City's carbon footprint for electricity used in City facilities. These reports document how RECs purchased by the City support wind energy resources. 

Green Power Community Designation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated the Worthington community as a Green Power Community. By collectively switching to renewable, zero-emissions electricity, our community is reducing its carbon footprint, supporting the deployment of cleaner energy alternatives, and demonstrating to residents, peers, and stakeholders that green power is a key component of best practice environmental management. As a Green Power Community, EPA supports and promotes our community's renewable energy leadership.

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