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2021 City of Worthington Garage Sale Permits

  1. City of Worthington Garage Sale Permits

    You must obtain a permit from the City. You can fill out the online permit application here, or you may pick up a permit from the City Clerk’s office at the Louis J.R. Goorey Worthington Municipal Building, 6550 N. High Street. The permit may be filed any time prior to the first day of the sale.  Garage sales may be for no more than three consecutive days or two consecutive weekends of two days each.  

    Please note that permit applications are not processed until you receive an approved permit from the City via email.  For questions email or call 614-436-3100.

  2. Please enter the email address that the approved permit may be sent to.

  3. *Please complete if holding sale for two consecutive weekends.

  4. List Sale on the City's Website?

    Your garage sale will be listed on the City's online calendar located HERE

  5. The undersigned, after having obtained the necessary permit, does hereby agree to comply with and abide by the provisions of Chapter 757 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Worthington, Ohio. 

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