Electric Aggregation Issue 39 Passed


Worthington voters have approved Issue 39, giving the City of Worthington authority to pool the community’s buying power with the goal of lowering household electric bills and increasing renewable (green) energy usage. On November 6, 2018, voters passed Issue 39 with a 75% approval. 

The City will now work with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to certify the City of Worthington as a governmental aggregator and negotiate the most favorable contract for its residents based on cost and amount of green energy. City Council will formally accept or deny proposals prior to implementing the aggregation program. City Council will also require that there be a no-cost opt-out option for any resident or business. Consumers who already have their own contract with a separate electric supplier would not be immediately eligible.

Issue 39 Frequently Asked Questions

Under the program, residents would experience no change in their electric service. AEP would continue to carry, service, and bill for the electricity service. The only change would be in the generation source of the electricity which would be identified on the AEP bill.

Electric Aggregation Information Meeting Presentation at 8/28/2018 City Council meeting

Issue 39 Ballot Language

“Shall the City of Worthington, County of Franklin, Ohio have the authority to aggregate the retail electric loads located in the City and enter into service agreements to facilitate for those loads the sale and purchase of electric, such aggregation to occur automatically except where any person elects to opt-out?”

If you have additional questions, please contact the City of Worthington Finance Department at 614-786-7353.