Park Projects

Winding Adventures Skate Park

The Winding Adventures Skate Park is now open.

Selby Park Playground Replacement 

Stay up to date with the Selby Park Playground Replacement process here.

McCord Park Renovation Project

McCord Park Renovations Construction will kick off with playground demolition on August 3.  We expect to see some demolition work including the removal of the playground on the west side of the park and some earth moving around in preparation for the enlarging of the soccer field and reconfiguring of some of the parking spaces.  Work will also be starting on the creation of a Train Observation Area where the donated caboose has been sitting and the first portions of a multi-use trail that will eventually encircle the entire park.  


Please bookmark this page to check progress and see regular updates regarding this exciting renovation project!

Stay up to date with the McCord Park Renovations here.

Park Boulevard Park

The Park Boulevard Park Bridge project is complete and the bridge is open.  

Huntley Bowl Park

The Huntley Bowl Project will regrade the bottom field area of the “bowl”, clean out some of the invasive brush around the channel that carries the water, re-establish the boulder spillway and plunge pool, and install a new outlet structure at the southwest corner of the bowl.  Additionally, the old stadium seating and stairs will be removed.  The project is the result of severe downstream flooding and erosion.  The Huntley Bowl was originally designed as a flood control structure but hasn’t really been functioning well due to development over the last 30 years and changing climate patterns.  The project will increase the ability and capacity of the Huntley Bowl so it will hold more water more often, and allow it to release downstream at a slower rate.  This will help reduce downstream erosion, sediment pollution and help the city meet Ohio EPA requirements for storm water quality and quantity.

 The project is slated to take up to 120 days which means the Huntley Bowl will see construction activity on and off until June 22.  Once the construction is complete and restorative planting of grass and trees has occurred, access to the bottom of the bowl will be limited until the turf is established.

Aside from the removal of the concrete sidewalk along the top of the stadium stairs, there’s no construction taking place along the top of the bowl.  The path will remain and IF the gates are open people should be able to make use of the path.

For any additional questions please contact the Worthington Service & Engineering Department at 614-431-2425.

Village Green

Contractors will be replacing bricks along the North East Village Green walkways. Foot traffic should not be affected. 

Pingree Fountain

The fountain is finished with the exception of the hot box and heater which is on order.

Linworth Soccer Field

The Linworth Soccer field refurbishment project began on August 15. The project will include killing off existing turf, removing dead turf, grading work, filling holes, leveling irrigation valve boxes, and will end with seeding. The field will be transitioned from the current mix of rye and bluegrass to a turf type tall fescue blend. The sports turf is more durable and takes less water so it is better for play and maintenance. The project is projected to be completed by the end of August (2019) but the field will be closed until the turf is adequately established. We are projecting an estimated date of reopening to be Fall of 2020.

Pingree Fountain

The fountain is finished with the exception of the hot box and heater which is on order.

Snouffer Clearing

Snouffer Clearing work will continue when weather permits.

Police Department Wall

The Police Department Retaining wall project is done except for the landscaping and that will be done when time permits.

Tree Removal

Misc. trees will be removed throughout the parks as weather permits.