Fitness Floor

Our Fitness areas feature over 40 pieces of cardio equipment, a selectorized weight circuit that targets all the major muscle groups, a free weight area with dumbbells that go up to 100 lbs, and a rubberized composite surfaced track which is 12 laps for one-mile. As a member of the Worthington Community Center, you have unlimited access to the Fitness Floor, or you can drop by for $8 a day (adult) $6 (Senior Citizen).

Fitness Floor Policies

Fitness Training - Where to begin

Tell us about yourself and your goals by filling out the pre-screen form (available here) and return to the fitness desk or email it to

What happens next

Our certified staff will review your information, goals and availability to determine which of our trainers would be the best fit.

Your selected trainer will contact you within three business days to set up your free consultation. All of our prospective clients receive a consultation allowing you and your trainer to talk about your health history and specific goals. This process allows us to follow nationally recognized exercise guidelines as well as to make sure all those interested in personal training are connected with a trainer.

At your consultation you will decide on your training package. Your trainer will give you a receipt to take down to the Front Desk for payment. Please keep your payment receipt to give to your trainer. 

Rates and Options

Single Sessions:

30-Minute Session $45

45-Minute Session $60

60-Minute Session $75

30-Minute Packages:

4 Sessions $130 $32.50/Session

8 Sessions $220 $27.50/Session

45-Minute Packages:

4 Sessions $170 $42.50/Session

8 Sessions $300 $37.50/Session

60-Minute Packages:

4 Sessions $215 $53.75/Session

8 Sessions $390 $48.75/Session

Sessions have a one-year expiration date unless otherwise noted.

Non-Members will be charged an additional $8 per session.

Meet the Trainers

Emily (2)

Emily Biondo

Emily believes an active lifestyle is key to longevity as well as physical and mental health. As an MBA student at The Ohio State University, Emily divides her time between studying, working full time, and her passion for physical fitness. At a young age, Emily started playing sports and developed a love for fitness. She participated in sports that require endurance like soccer, rugby, and cross country. Now for fun, Emily runs 5K's. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and is excited to start her mission as a trainer. She wants everyone to reach their goals no matter what they are and believes you can achieve this and have fun at the same time.


Megan Geller

Megan believes that the health and fitness industry has become saturated with ‘do’s and don’ts’, however she believes there is an alternative that is not a fad but a long-term transformation that will inevitably lead to a happier & healthier life.  This will allow her clients to go about their daily activities with mobility.  She wants people to learn the knowledge to maintain their fitness & continue to work towards their goals independently, long after the initial sign up.   Megan is an ACE certified personal trainer, ACSM certified in Exercise is Medicine (EIM) and a group fitness instructor.  She has been training and teaching classes for seven years.  Megan wants everyone to be able to perform their “day to day” routines as they grow older and works towards this with each of her clients. She believes that with some simple exercises performed correctly, everyday activities, like standing and sitting, can be maintained.   


Ser Jackson

Ser grew up in Alaska where her love of fitness was born through outdoor adventures. This early lifestyle was the beginning of her dedication to fitness and exercise.  Ser believes that exercise is for everyone, and that the fitness space should be welcoming and accessible to all. She is dedicating to working with her clients to find forms of movement that will be sustainable and lead to health and longevity. Ser is certified by ACSM as both a personal trainer and an Exercise is Medicine (EIM) instructor.  She also teaches group fitness classes and is a yoga instructor.   She has been in the fitness industry over ten years.  Ser loves working with her clients to identify and take the steps that will allow them to reach their goals.  


Alex Nagai

Alex's passion for physical fitness began when he was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age twelve.  He dedicated himself to getting stronger and building muscle which helped him create stronger bones.  His belief in physical fitness grew as he saw positive results and he believes that anyone can achieve results with hard work and dedication.  Alex is a certified personal trainer accredited through the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF).  Alex has been a trainer for four years.  He wants to share his knowledge and workout programs to ensure that regardless of ability, his workouts could be used to support a healthy lifestyle.  He strives to teach his clients how to do each exercise properly and how to set it up so they can do a workout on their own or with him coaching.  He specializes in muscle development and functional fitness for all ages.


Kadie Reed

When Kadie started her career in fitness, she wanted to share her knowledge and workout programs to ensure that regardless of ability, her workouts could be used to support a healthy lifestyle.  Kadie shares her knowledge of strength training and functional movement with her clients so they can be confident not only in their workouts but also in their everyday activities.  Kadie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from The Ohio State university.  She is certified through ACSM as both a personal trainer and an Exercise is Medicine coach (EIM).  She believes there is a path to fitness for everyone and is passionate about helping others find theirs.


Sarah Sendelbach

Sarah loves to help others transform through fitness.   She has worked with many clients who have felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. She loves working with beginners and those who have failed in the past.   Sarah believes that fitness should always be balanced with a person’s lifestyle to remain sustainable. It should be accessible and enjoyable while being tailored to your goals.   Sarah is certified in both Personal Training and Exercise is Medicine (EIM) through ACSM.   She is also a certified Zumba instructor and teaches dance fitness.  Sarah’s motto is “the best exercise is the one you enjoy” and she strives to help each client find that joy.