Junk Autos

Worthington City Ordinance prohibits inoperable vehicles from being stored in many locations around the city.

   (a)   No person shall use any premises in the City for storing, parking or otherwise keeping unlicensed, abandoned, disabled or otherwise inoperable vehicles and equipment or other objects of an unsightly nature.
   (b)   As used in this section the words "inoperable vehicles and equipment" means and include any motor vehicle, apparatus or equipment which is not in operating condition or which has no value except for salvage or junk purposes, or which has not been issued a license with a distinctive number and registration mark valid for the current year.  As used in this section the words "storing, parking or otherwise keeping" means storing, parking, standing or otherwise keeping one or more vehicles, equipment or other objects in any place other than in an enclosed garage or accessory building for a period in excess of two weeks.
If you believe there is a junk auto located in the city please contact Officer Emily Lanzer by phone or email.

Please be sure to include details of the location, type of vehicle and any other information you might have about the ownership.
Officer Emily Lanzer