Hanging Baskets-American Flag Display-Holiday Lighting

Basket Maintenance

The City of Worthington Department of Service & Engineering purchases the plant material and assembles, hangs, maintains and removes hanging baskets in-house. There are more than 100 baskets along High Street, at the Municipal Building and at the Service & Engineering Building. The department waters the baskets three days a week and deadheads the flowers on a regular basis. The baskets are hung in May and are taken down in early November. For a guide to making your own hanging basket, please see our Hanging Basket Guide.
Hanging Basket.png

American Flag Display

The department also displays American flags on the street light poles along High Street and Granville Road. The department hangs the flags during community events and to show pride and support for American troops. The flags are replaced when frayed, and brackets are repaired as necessary.

Winter Holiday Decorations

During the winter, the Public Services Department:
  • Decorates the Village Green holiday tree
  • Hangs holiday lights on street trees
  • Hangs lit wreaths, garland and ribbon on street poles
The decorations go up before the Holiday Open House in mid-November and are removed in January.