Old Worthington Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons are installed in the Old Worthington downtown area to improve pedestrian safety and access at Stafford Avenue, Village Green Drive South and Short Street.

How does a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Work? 

A PHB signal is a type of traffic signal which creates a safer and more efficient environment for pedestrians to cross busy streets at uncontrolled marked crosswalk locations. A PHB is distinct from pre-timed traffic signals and constant flash warning beacons because it is only activated by pedestrians when needed. Because PHBs remain dark until activated, they can help increase driver attention to pedestrians crossing the roadway, and can reduce rear-end collisions. The PHBs red signal indication removes any judgment from the motorists and requires a complete stop. The PHB provides a clear message that motorists must stop and allow pedestrians to cross the street. Information Flyer

Consultants DLZ recommended PHB's after an evaluation into possible solutions to improve pedestrian safety in Old Worthington. The recommendation was reviewed and supported by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.


Video Demonstration