2011 Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Study

Wilson Bridge Road
Proposed Land Use Plan

In 2010 and 2011 the City of Worthington conducted a strategic study of one of the community’s primary economic centers, the Wilson Bridge Road Corridor, sensing that it contains seeds that can provide vital support for the future of the City’s economy and quality of life. The slowing economic conditions at the time of the study created a unique and appropriate time for the community to explore new avenues of preservation and growth in this important corridor, which contains some of the City’s most valued assets and strategic redevelopment opportunities.

Planning Approach

The planning process to prepare the corridor plan was based on a balanced approach that included public input, market analyses, and an evaluation of the current economic conditions. The process included participation from a broad array of community stakeholders, including key property owners and city officials, to ensure it embodies the community’s ideas and earns broad-based community support. The process also integrated a market and economic analysis to ensure the vision and plan developed was balanced with economically viable solutions. In summary, a truly comprehensive approach was followed to create a plan for the corridor; one that would fully integrate land use, transportation, parks and public spaces, economic development, and other physical elements.

  • Analysis of Existing Conditions
  • Market Assessment
  • Steering Committee Formed
  • Public Meetings
  • Walking Tour
  • Design Charrette
  • Municipal Planning Commission/City Council Joint Informational Meeting

The Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Study was adopted at the July 11, 2011 City Council meeting.


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