Permit Applications

Permit applications can be found on this page for the following departments. Please follow the links for a complete list of the available applications:

City Clerk Permits

For more information on City Clerk permits, call (614) 436-3100 or send an email to

Effective 10/27/2021 - The fees for Block Party and Garage Sale permits have been eliminated and online permit applications have been created to apply for those permits.  Paper copies of permit applications may be obtained and submitted at City Hall.  

Permit / Document Type
Garage Sale Permit Online Application State Health COVID-19 Garage Sale Requirements More Information
View Garage Sale Calendar
Miscellaneous Permit
Roadway Solicitation Permit
Solicitation Permit 
Block Party Permit Online Application


Parks & Recreation Permits

For more information call (614) 436-2743.

Permit / Document Type
Village Green Permits

Geocaching Permit(applies to all related activities)


Planning & Zoning Permits

Please follow the Instructions for Filing attached to each document. For more information call (614) 431-2424

Permit / Document Type
Board of Zoning Appeals Application
Amendment to Development Plan Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Rezoning Application
Subdivision Application
Subdivision Without Plat Application
Planning & Zoning Meeting Schedule 2021
Planning & Zoning Meeting Schedule 2022


Building Regulation Permits

Below are permit applications for the Division of Building Regulation. Forms and fees differ depending on whether the project involves a one-, two- or three- family building (1-, 2-, 3- family) or a four or more family, commercial or industrial building (all others). Please follow the Instructions for Filing attached to the application. If you have questions contact the Division of Building Regulation at (614) 431-2424.

Permit / Document Type
1, 2, 3 Family
All Others
Building Permitting and Inspections During Pandemic
IMPORTANT CHANGES to Water Heater Inspections and One Day Bath Remodel Projects

Permit Application Application
Certificate of Occupancy information N/A Document
Demolition Permit (also see Ohio EPA letter)
Application Application
Development Permit (within a special flood hazard area) Application Application
Fees Fee Schedule Fee Schedule
Fence Permit Application Application
Sign Permit N/A Application
Resubmittal Form Application Application


Service & Engineering Permits

For more information call (614) 431-2425.
Permit / Document Type
Service & Engineering Permitting and Inspections During Pandemic Document
Right of Way Work Permit (Work in Right of Way Standards) Application
Sanitary Sewer Permit - new taps, modifications, repairs, disconnections Application
Sidewalk/Drive Approach Permit (Std. approach drawing) Application
Small Cell Wireless in Right of Way Permit (more information) Application Packet
Small Cell Facility List (.xls file for use in application) Excel file
Water Permit - - new taps, modifications, repairs, disconnections Application