Smoke Alarm Care & Info

Worthington Fire Smoke Detector Program

We want every home in our jurisdiction to have at least one properly installed and operating smoke detector. If you have questions or require assistance in placing one of your detectors we will be happy to assist you. Additionally, if you cannot afford a detector we will provide one free of charge - feel free to contact us at 614-885-7640.


Proper installation and care of smoke detectors:

  • Install a minimum of one smoke detector outside each sleeping area in your home. 
  • There should be at least one smoke detector installed on every level of your home.
  • Mount smoke detectors on the ceiling at least 4 inches from any walls.
  • Test your smoke detector monthly for proper operation according to the manufacturer's instructions. For most detectors, this simply requires pressing a 'test' button on the device until it sounds.
  • Make sure you have an escape plan and practice it monthly when testing your smoke detectors. Make certain your plan includes a meeting place for all family members somewhere safely outside your home.
  • Some detectors give a warning 'chirp' when the battery is low. However, a battery is a cheap investment in your family's safety. We recommend you change each detector's battery at least twice a year - "change your clock, change your batteries" is an easy way to remember.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are cleaned with the brush attachment of your vacuum at least twice a year. This removes dust which may cause the detector to malfunction or not alarm quickly when needed.

If your detector sounds, CALL 9-1-1

If your detector activates during cooking, taking showers, etc., do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power. Fan fresh air through the unit with a newspaper or magazine until the alarm stops. Removing the batteries temporarily may lead to loss of vital protection if you forget to re-install them later.