Health Services

The City of Worthington contracts out all health services with Columbus Public Health. This includes inspection and licensing of septic systems, food establishment and pool inspections, and public heath concerns such as mosquito control and disease prevention.  For any health concerns or possible violations contact Columbus Public Health.

Learn more about how Columbus Public Health is protecting health and improving lives in Worthington.


The City of Worthington does not have any City regulations regarding the use of composting piles. To report a concern of compost piles with an odor and/or attracting rodents, call Columbus Division of Food Safety - 614-645-6747

Mosquito Fogging

The City of Columbus provides all services of mosquito control. To report a concern of mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus or to find out more information about mosquito fogging, call the Columbus Division of Vector Control 614-645-3111.

Home Septic Treatment Systems

The City of Worthington contracts with Columbus Public Health to inspect, license and enforce regulations on Home Septic Treatment Systems (HSTS) also known as Septic Systems. Only 90 properties within Worthington utilize these systems.  Property owners must register their systems with Columbus Health and arrange to have a licensed service provider inspect and maintain their systems annually.  To learn more about maintaining and permitting your septic system, visit Home Sewage Treatment Systems for Homeowners.