Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA)

About WIFA

The Worthington International Friendship Association (WIFA) fosters intercultural friendships through special events, delegation exchanges, and educational programming. In 2019, the Cities of Worthington and Sayama, Japan celebrated their 20th anniversary as sister-cities. Since first establishing their friendship in 1993, hundreds of citizens, sports teams and city officials have visited each other’s countries to develop a mutual understanding. WIFA also coordinates cultural dinners, lectures and other international events. WIFA believes that understanding different cultures and customs is essential for living in the global community of the 21st century. For information contact Anne Brown by email or call 614-854-7173.

Join WIFA in 2023!

After nearly three years of only virtual events during the COVID pandemic, WIFA is bringing back in-person events in 2023. While membership dues were waived in 2020, 2021 and 2022, they will be reinstated for 2023 to help offset costs of our programs and special events. 

The dues for 2023 are as follows:

  • $10 seniors/students
  • $15 Individuals
  • $20 senior couple
  • $25 family

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WIFA Events

WIFA Extends Support to Cincinnati's Sister City - Kharkiv, Ukraine

The Worthington community knows the value of the friendships and cultural understanding we’ve been privileged to experience through our sister city relationship with the people of Sayama, Japan. The citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio have that same bond with the people of their sister city of over 30 years, Kharkiv, Ukraine.  Located just 25 miles from the Russian border, Kharkiv has been on the front lines. Russian forces have shelled Kharkiv every day. The Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership organization has been in regular contact with their friends in Kharkiv, who have been providing personal firsthand updates from their community. Read some of their stories and more find information on the invasion and Kharkiv's defense by visiting the Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership website:  www.cincy-kharkiv.org

WIFA reached out to Cincinnati recently to ask how we can support their efforts to most effectively provide relief to Ukraine. They recently launched a fundraising campaign, with 100% of donations raised going directly to the Red Cross in Kharkiv. All online credit card and processing fees are being covered by a donor, so every penny donated will reach the people who need it.

Learn more and link to the donation site

Joint Statement of Support for Asian American and Pacific Islander Citizens

Worthington City Council, Community Relations Commission, Worthington International Friendship Association and City Administration join together in support of our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) neighbors. As community leaders, we are speaking out with one voice to strongly condemn acts and expressions of hate and discrimination toward AAPI citizens. Read the statement here

WIFA Board Meetings

  • 5:30 pm
  • Fourth Tuesday of each month
  • Worthington Municipal Building
    6550 N. High St.
    Worthington, OH 43085

Board Members

  • Wade Duym, President
  • Nicky Robie, Vice President
  • Joan Bird
  • Anne Brown
  • Christina Clark
  • Rachael Dorothy
  • Virginia Duym
  • Jeff Fickell
  • Joe Kohler
  • Beth Kowalczyk
  • Bill McDonald
  • Lora Mitchell
  • Jonathan Mooers
  • Marsha Mueller
  • Kathryn Paugh
  • Akiko Pullen
  • Yani Sheng
  • Meredith Southard
  • Linda Teufel
  • Gretchen Turner