Neighborhood and Community Development Seed Grant

Applications are closed for 2022. 

Program Provides Assistance with Neighborhood and Community Initiatives

The Community Relations Commission (CRC) distributes seed funding through the Neighborhood and Community Development Seed Grant Program for project ideas that will help build a stronger sense of community and align with its mission.  Resources are available for individuals, neighborhoods and community associations who propose a project that builds community and/or improves community relations.   Project ideas themed around making Worthington a Diverse and Equitable Community, as highlighted in the Worthington Vision Statement below, are of particular interest. The goal is to provide resources for projects with lasting impact.

 Vision: Worthington is a diverse and equitable community 

Worthington welcomes people across age, race, gender, ethnicity, orientation, gender expression, abilities, income, religion and politics. We are committed to systems, processes, resources, employment and public services that are accessible and fair for all. We recognize inequities and actively work to overcome biases and injustices that create barriers to full inclusion within our community. Diversity strengthens the social fabric of Worthington as we build authentic, lasting relationships and care for one another.  

As a community, we 

  • Create conditions that increase the diversity of our city to better reflect the racial and ethnic composition of our region. 
  • Proactively identify, evaluate and address policies and practices that negatively affect underrepresented populations. 
  • Create opportunities and remove barriers for people from a wide range of ages, abilities and income levels to live in our city. 
  • Implement policies and foster inclusive environments that increase diversity in public employment, business ownership and community leadership. 
  • Honor and celebrate our diversity with regular cultural events and multicultural education. 

 Read more about Vision Worthington at


2022 Information & Criteria

  • The Grant Selection Committee will consider project requests which meet as many of the following criteria as possible:
    • Fostering or enhancing community
    • Creating opportunities to volunteer and work together
    • Bolstering partnerships within the community
    • Demonstrating sustainability of the project beyond the initial launch
  • Applicants should be representatives of an existing (or forming) neighborhood association, community organization, individuals or groups who are building programs to benefit the Worthington community or individual neighborhoods. Informal citizen groups may also be eligible if their grant proposal falls within any of the purposes above. Informal groups should provide information on how they are organized and plans for sustainability of the project (when appropriate).
  • Impact a neighborhood, geographical area, specific population, or the community as a whole.  
  • Projects involving physical improvements should be on public property (improvements to private property are ineligible).
  • Grant applicants must be residents of the City of Worthington or Worthington School District. 
  • Businesses are not eligible. 
For questions or more information, email or call Lori Trego at (614) 854-7171.