Hi Neighbor

"Hi Neighbor"

“Hi Neighbor” was created to encourage people to come outside and talk with their neighbors, reconnect with those they haven’t seen in awhile and begin establishing relationships that build strong communities. Initially a one night event in June, the Community Relations Commission (CRC) now promotes the entire month of June as “Hi Neighbor” month. This is a great time to plan a block party, do a good deed for a neighbor or just bring out the lawn chairs for a visit.

The History of Hi Neighbor

Do you know your neighbors? Have you taken any time recently to stop and chat with those that live near you? Many of us might answer no to both of these questions. Our busy lives and the construction of modern homes with the focus on backyard patios rather than front porches, have led to isolation among neighbors. Worthington has taken steps to change this through our annual “Hi Neighbor” night. Sponsored by the Community Relations Commission, “Hi Neighbor” began in 2001 and received international attention through media outlines throughout the United States, Canada and Britain.

The idea for this event grew from conversations that former City Council Member Courtney Chapman had with several Worthington residents. The September 11th tragedy has made many of us long for more connections with family, friends, and neighbors. Worthington City Council is supportive of this initiative to build neighborly relationships throughout the City, and asked the Community Relations Commission to organize this event. “Hi Neighbor” nights in Worthington are meant to be informal opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other. Participants could bring along family photos of new grandchildren or recent vacations. These evenings could be perfect opportunities to plan a summer Block Party. The possibilities are endless.