Traffic Signals

Major thoroughfares have priority light clearance, particularly during high activity periods. During off-peak hours, most main intersections operate on demand. Collector streets that operate against priority main streets are equipped with detection systems that electronically notify the controlling equipment that a vehicle is present and waiting to enter or cross the main thoroughfare.

Some intersections are equipped with electrically lit vehicle detection monitors (identified by a silhouette of a car and driver). These monitors notify drivers that their vehicle is in the proper location to be detected. Areas of detection are placed behind the white "stop bar" so that vehicles observing proper placement can be assured of the timeliest movement available and are identified by signs that say "Stop Here to Activate Detector".

During rush hour periods, waits up to 2 minutes may occur after detection. If your wait exceeds this time, please notify the Service & Engineering Department at 614-431-2425.
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