Public Involvement

How You Can Help

The most important steps in protecting our waterways actually occur at the homeowner level! By using some of the following ideas, you can do your part to protect stormwater:

  • Compost food scraps for use in your flower beds or vegetable gardens, where stormwater can percolate into the soil
  • Consider disconnecting your downspouts and using rain barrels or planting a rain garden
  • Get involved with a local watershed group such as the Friends of the Lower Olentangy or Sustainable Worthington and help with stream cleanups and other activities
  • Limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides that can wash into the storm sewer
  • Remember never to hose off your driveway and sidewalk into the storm sewer, where pollution will go directly to the nearest stream

For More Information

There are so many ways you can contribute as a homeowner. For more ideas, please visit the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District website. You can also call the Department of Service & Engineering at (614) 431-2425.