Authorized Containers

Authorized containers for refuse include:
  • Metal / plastic cans with two handles and a tightly fitted lid
  • Sealed plastic bags
Containers may not exceed 35 gallons. All bags and cans must weigh less than 50 pounds once filled. Local Waste Services may refuse to accept all unauthorized containers, such as cardboard boxes, if not serviceable. Residents may also lease a 90 gallon cart directly from Local Waste Services.  Call them at 614-409-9375 for more information.

Quantity of Refuse

Residents may set out an unlimited quantity of refuse at the curb; however, all refuse must be placed in an authorized container and of a reasonable load. Please alert the city in advance at (614) 431-2425 to facilitate pick-up of bulk items, such as furniture. Carpet must be tightly secured with tape or string in rolls less than 5 feet in length and 1 foot in diameter.

Bedding and Furniture Must be Wrapped

Due to bed bug, viral and pathogenic concerns, upholstered furniture including mattresses and box springs must be sealed in plastic.  Residents can wrap the items in plastic sheeting and use duct tape to seal it off, or you may use furniture bags and tape them shut.  Both plastic sheeting and furniture bags are available at most home centers, hardware stores and online.

Pet Waste

Pet waste must be completely contained in a tightly sealed plastic bag to prevent human contact. There must be no detectable odor. Once sealed, pet waste must be disposed of in the trash.

Construction Material

Lumber, fencing, drywall etc. will be collected in extremely small amounts. Only material generated from personal home remodeling projects will be collected. Items generated from larger scale remodeling projects will not be collected. Place items in a container for easy handling. If the materials are too large or heavy for a container, please stack them neatly at the curb. Individual items and containers each need to weigh less than 50 pounds and be less than 5 feet in length. Lumber, fencing, drywall, etc. must be cut to a length less than 5 feet and a width less than 2 feet. All fasteners, such as nails, screws or staples, must be removed. Bricks, broken concrete, pavers and concrete blocks must be broken into small pieces and placed in a trash can for removal. Each can must weigh less than 50 lbs.To facilitate pick-up, please notify the city in advance at (614) 431-2425.

For collection of larger amounts of bricks, blocks, concrete, construction material from commercial projects, large scale renovations or home based businesses, please contact a commercial waste hauler for disposal service.