Solid Waste Collection

Collection Schedule

The City of Worthington provides refuse, recycling and yard waste collections to all single-family, two-family and condominium residences within the City. The City does not manage collection for Apartment buildings.  Please contact your property owner or manager for trash collection and recycling information.  Collection occurs each Friday between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, unless otherwise noted due to holidays or natural disasters. Residents are not billed directly for this extensive service.

All items are to be placed at the curb or edge of the paved roadway no later than 6:00 am on Friday. By City ordinance, no items may be placed curbside before 6:00 am on Thursday, and empty containers must be removed from the curb or edge of roadway by 6:00 pm on Saturday.  Crews are not required to pick up any solid waste set at the curb late.

Containers used for the collection of refuse, recycling and yardwaste must not be stored in the front yard.


The City of Worthington has contracted the following collection services with Local Waste Services. They can be contacted by calling 614-409-9375 or by visiting the Local Waste Services website.

Service Problems

If you experience any problems with your refuse, recycling or yard waste services, please contact the Worthington Service & Engineering Department at (614) 431-2425. Calls received after 4:30PM on Friday will be addressed Monday morning. You may also file your service request electronically  by visiting  Missed Collection or Local Waste Services Contact Form.

Damaged Containers

If a container is damaged by fault of the collection contractor, please report the incident directly to Local Waste Services by calling 614-409-9375. Damaged recycling bins may be exchanged for new bins at no additional fee.