Street Trees / Tree Lawn

What is the Tree Lawn?

The tree lawn, street lawn, devil strip or park strip includes the strip of land (usually grassed) between the street right-of-way line and the street curb or pavement of streets, highways, avenues, lanes, etc.

Who maintains the Tree Lawn?

Trees, shrubs, bushes, and other woody vegetation growing on the tree lawn shall be considered property of the City. The City has the right to plant, prune, maintain, and remove such vegetation from the tree lawn area as necessary to insure public health and safety or to preserve/enhance the symmetry and beauty of the grounds. The owner or occupant of the premises fronting the tree lawn is the custodian of the tree lawn and shall keep the area in good condition. No structure of any type shall be placed in the tree lawn except with written permission from the Director of Service & Engineering. The City may advise property owners, free of charge, on the choice of species, proper planting techniques, and proper maintenance practices for trees on private property. However, the City may not plant, prune, maintain, or remove any vegetation on private property.

Planting in the Tree Lawn

Planting trees, flowers, or shrubbery from the tree lawn first requires permission from the Director of Service & Engineering.
The Director may deny permission to plant/replant in the tree lawn if
  • the location or species is deemed unsuitable, including those species which may constitute a nuisance by the dropping of objectionable fruit, exhalation of odors, or the clogging of sewers and drains, AND
  • the action does not benefit the preservation of the public health and safety in the area nor promote the health and safety of the urban forest.
Any trees planted in the tree lawn must be 35 feet or more from any street corner and 15 feet or more from any fire hydrant. Species of trees, flowers or shrubbery prohibited by the Director of Service & Engineering may not be planted in the tree lawn.
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Removing and Pruning Trees

Removing and pruning street trees is the responsibility of the Department of Service & Engineering. If your street tree has been damaged in a storm or other cause, or you believe it is diseased or dying, please contact the Service & Engineering Department at 431-2425. Service Crews will examine the tree and determine the necessary course of action.
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Street Tree Planting and Replacement Program

Through the Department of Parks and Recreation, the City offers a street tree planting program. The resident may choose from a list of approved tree species and the City will pay half the cost of the tree. The City will plant the tree and ensure its successful growth. For more information, contact the Worthington Department of Parks & Recreation at 614-436-2743.