Impounded Vehicles

To obtain a release for an impounded vehicle that is to be Released to Owner, the OWNER of the vehicle must show up in person at the Worthington Division of Police with either a valid driver’s license or a valid state issued ID card. If the owner does not have a valid ID, due to it being confiscated at the time of arrest, then identification can be verified at the Division of Police. If the owner is unable to be present, the person coming in for the release MUST have a signed, NOTARIZED statement from the owner stating that the individual has permission to obtain the release and the vehicle.

To obtain a release for an impounded vehicle that is marked For Court Release, the OWNER must present a paper issued by the court stating that the vehicle may be released to the Worthington Division of Police. The same identification process as previously stated will still apply.

You must obtain a release form in order to pick up the vehicle from Worthington Towing.

All police related impounded vehicles are contractually located at:
Shamrock Towing
6333 Frost Road
Westerville, OH 43085
(614) 882-3555

Please contact Shamrock Towing for information on the cost for release and acceptable forms of payment.