Olentangy Revitalization Project

Project Purpose

The Olentangy Parklands is a vital and active park in the Worthington park system. Many visitors use this park each and every day for its recreational and wildlife value. The bikeway is connected to many miles of trails that run throughout central Ohio and other communities.

The Olentangy Revitalization Project is an effort to advance sustainable practices and design a management approach unique to the 100-acre park along the Olentangy River. This project will take a comprehensive look at maintenance and restoration of parkland properties, including both natural and physical assets.

Park Issues

The Olentangy Parklands was developed in 1974. Since then, much has changed:
  • Habitats have been compromised
  • Honeysuckle and other invasive species have taken hold
  • Park use has increased, causing competitive use patterns and stress for patrons
  • Traffic has increased on SR-315, causing noise pollution
  • Water quality issues have arisen
  • We have lost many of the pioneer species trees