Worthington Arbor Advisory Committee

Arbor Committee

The Worthington Arbor Advisory Committee (WAAC) was established by Worthington City Council in 1988 to address problems associated with the redevelopment of the Village Green. Today this committee of volunteer members works closely with, and serves as, advisors to our Parks and Recreation and Service Departments.

The current eleven members serving include a Metro Park manager, several horticultural professors, a city forester, an ODNR urban forester, a landscape horticulture graduate, a park naturalist and environmental educator, a professional arborist and interested homeowners.


  • Paula Deming, Chair 
  • Ryan Allen
  • Lisa Bowers
  • Alex Brown
  • Susan Brown
  • Michael Heisey
  • Fred Hower
  • Suzan Jervey
  • Susie Kneedler
  • John Mueller
  • Dr. Chris Tonra
  • Rob Wendling
  • Kate Wilson
  • Shawn Daugherty, Parks Supervisor


WAAC's mission is to enhance the quality and longevity of Worthington's public landscape with trees being the priority.

WAAC believes the urban forest is a unique asset that provides our community with a beautiful, healthy and comfortable environmental base. When we consider Worthington- its downtown, parks, street trees and public, commercial and private landscapes, we take great pride in being residents of a progressive and attractive community.

Oak Chlorosis 

Chlorosis in pin oaks is usually due to a deficiency of iron in the leaves. Iron is important for chlorophyll synthesis in plants, so when it is deficient, leaves cannot make chlorophyll, resulting in a yellow appearance. Chlorosis of pin oaks is typically associated with alkaline soil.


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WAAC meets monthly, typically on the 3rd Thursday of each month, at 5:00pm. Residents interested in serving as a member may email Parks Supervisor Shawn Daugherty. Our primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing advice and assistance to city arborists
  • Administering trees on the Village Green
  • Reviewing and approving landscape plans for public and commercial properties
  • Encouraging landscape planning in public areas that encourages Worthington's urban forest and is in harmony with our mission and philosophy
  • Promoting public awareness of the value of the urban forest in our community

In past years WAAC has also been involved in the following activities:

  • Developing recommendations for City of Worthington ordinance 951.02 Tree Lawn Care and Maintenance
  • Writing and editing educational tree brochures, advertising the Worthington Street Tree Program and publishing a significant Street Tree ProgramBrochure
  • Planning and monitoring a number of street tree planting projects
  • Spearheading a citywide street tree inventory in 2002
  • Providing recommendations on tree plantings and removals on the Village Green
  • Reviewing landscape plans for city parks, public buildings and public projects as well as for commercial developments, including the Walnut Grove Cemetery and Worthington's central business district (CBD)
  • Developing a Trees NOT Recommended for Planting list
  • Assisting in an annual Arbor Day celebration and the maintenance of Worthington's designation as a "Tree City USA"
  • Developing a self-guided Village Green Walking Tour
  • Planning and monitoring a number of street tree planting projects

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