Park Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are adopted by Council to be enforced by the Director of Parks and Recreation for use by individuals and by groups of the parks owned entirely by the City. Our parks are for the use and enjoyment of all. Please respect our policies and each other to allow for a safe and pleasurable experience.
  1. No person shall cut, injure, deface, remove or disturb any tree, shrub, building, fence, bench or other structure, apparatus or property; or pick, cut or remove any shrub, bush or flower; or mark or write upon any building, fence, bench or other structure.
  2. No person in a park shall start or maintain a fire except in a place or at a site designated for this purpose or with the approval in the form of a special permit.
  3. No abusive, profane or indecent language, or any conduct that may threaten others or unduly disturb the peace shall be allowed.
  4. No person shall discharge any firearms, fireworks, air rifles, sling shots, archery or other explosive devices. Nor shall any person throw stones or other missiles within park areas.
  5. Except by special permit, no person shall remain, stay or loiter in a park after dark unless otherwise posted. Such permit may allow authorized people to use the facilities in accordance with the specifications of the permit issued.
  6. No person shall sell, offer or solicit for sale any goods, merchandise, or services without first obtaining a special permit.
  7. No person shall use, consume, carry or bring any alcoholic beverage in or upon any park.
  8. No person in a park shall operate or play a radio, television, musical instrument, amplifying of sound equipment, mobile device, or operate a radio-controlled device so as to disturb the peace in a park.
  9. No person without first obtaining written authorization shall post, paste or affix any placard, notice or sign within any park.
  10. No commercial services, entertainment or exhibition shall be offered or given in any park unless a special permit is first obtained.
  11. No person in a park shall engage in, promote, solicit, or procure participants for any game which is played for money or other thing of value, or engage in any form of gambling.
  12. No motorized vehicles of any kind (including minibikes and go-carts), other than City vehicles and except a person acting in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, shall be allowed to operate in any City park other than in areas designated for parking.
  13. Multi-purpose fields may be reserved for use by obtaining a permit from the Parks and Recreation Department. Proof of reservation may be required at the site at any time during the reserved time.
  14. No person shall act in such a manner so as to create a substantial risk of physical harm to any person or property.

For rules and regulations that pertain specifically to certain areas or parks, please see the links below: