Hydrant Flushing

NOTE: The most current fire hydrant flushing took place in April and May of 2023.

2023 Hydrant flushing map_legend
Fire hydrant flushing

Annual Spring Fire Hydrant Preventative Maintenance and Flushing Program

The Worthington Division of Fire & EMS conducts annual fire hydrant preventative maintenance programming in the spring of each year. During the inspection process, firefighters will be opening and flowing water from the hydrants, which may cause a temporary lower pressure than normal and temporary discoloration of your water. You should not wash clothes when the water is discolored. 

In most cases, City-maintained hydrants are blue and in the public right-of-way. Private fire hydrants, such as those on business property or in apartment and condominium communities, are maintained by the property owner.  

Fire crews make every effort to stay within the schedule listed here. However, weather and calls for emergency service may cause some deviations. 

2023 dates:

Week of April 3: Worthington north of West Dublin Granville Road, west of High Street, east of the Olentangy River.

Week of April 10: Worthington north of West Dublin Granville Road, west of the Olentangy River, including Brookside Estates (Perry Township).

Week of April 17: Worthington south of Dublin Granville Road, west of High Street, including the Village of Riverlea.

Week of April 24: Worthington south of Dublin Granville Road, east of High Street, and Sharon Township south of Worthington.

Week of May 1: Worthington north of Dublin Granville Road, east of High Street.

If you have any questions or want updates on progression, please call the Fire & EMS administrative line at 614-885-7640, Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Water Quality Tips

On the date(s) we may be on your street or in your area, avoid doing any laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. until after flushing is complete and water quality returns to normal. We also recommend you avoid drinking the tap water until it is free of sediment. You can check the water by simply running your tap and filling a glass to make certain no visible sediment, rust, or discoloration is present. Usually water quality returns to normal within a few hours after flushing. If it does not, running taps within your home may help restore water quality more quickly.

If you accidentally wash or stain laundry with rusty water, DO NOT DRY THE CLOTHING. Go to your local home supply store or grocery where you can purchase cleaning agents designed to remove such stains, and re-wash the items per package directions.

We do not stock rust removal agents/detergents for residents, and can offer no further assistance than the information on this page.

The hydrants in Worthington Hills are checked and serviced by Aqua Ohio. You may contact them directly for flushing date(s). Aqua Ohio customer service can be reached by calling 877-987-2782.