Use & Regulation

The Worthington Parks & Recreation Department has many opportunities for facility rentals, including the Community Center, Griswold Center, Selby Shelter, and sport fields in our parks. Rooms, fields, and equipment are available for meetings, seminars, private parties, or other purposes that do not compete with any of our programs.

The individual reserving the facility must be present during the entire permitted time. Payment is due at the time of the reservation. 

Please be aware that no alcohol is allowed on the premises of any of our rental sites.Groups are responsible for providing their own supplies, decorations, table coverings, food, etc.

Groups are responsible for all setup and cleanup, and time for this must be included in the time of the rental.
  1. Fishbowl
  2. General Use
  3. Gyms
  4. Sports Fields, Courts
  5. After Hours
  6. Selby Shelterhouse

Swimming Party Packages!

This special package is for 2 hours in the pool and fishbowl room. You are allowed to be in the pool and the room only during your 2 hour time slot. Charges are for 12 kids. You can have a maximum of 20 kids total (additional kids are $5 each.) One adult is required to be present for every 5 children and will be admitted free of charge. 
* Please note the Worthington Community Center pool policies require specific adult-to-child ratios for children swimming:

​One person, age 14 or older, must be in the water with each child age 4 and younger.
A responsible person age 14 or older must be present in the pool area for swimming groups of children ages 5–7.
Youth ages 8 and older may be unattended in the pool area.
All decorations (including masking tape for hanging them) are the responsibility of the renting party.

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Application Process

For rentals in June, July and August 2019:

Monday, May 6th - Residents and Members only
Wednesday, May 8th - Open reservations
Anyone who wants to reserve multiple dates can do so starting on Monday May 13th. 

For rentals in September, October, November, December 2019:

Monday, August 5th - Residents and Members only
 Wednesday, August 7th - Open reservations
Anyone who wants to reserve multiple dates can do so starting on Monday August 12th. ​

Rental reservations must be made in person at the Worthington Community Center customer service desk. The individual reserving the facility is responsible for being present during the entire rental time. Refund policies are denoted on the rental contract. Reservations must be made a minimum of three days prior to rental. Weekend reservations must be made by the Wednesday prior to the rental weekend. Payment is due at the time of reservation.

Fee Information

Fees are established based on type of room and residency of person obtaining permit.

View more rental options at the Griswold Center