What are the rules regarding canvassing and door-to-door solicitation in the city limits? 
Please click here to see a list of ordinances regarding this specific subject.
How can I find or search the city ordinances?
A searchable copy of the City of Worthington ordinances can be found here. Please note, the most recent changes and new ordinances can be found on our city website under Initiatives, Legislation, & Discussion items.
If my car has been impounded, what should I do?
To obtain a release for an impounded vehicle that is to be Released to Owner, the OWNER of the vehicle must show up in person at the Worthington Division of Police with either a valid driver’s license or a valid state issued ID card. If the owner does not have a valid ID, due to it being confiscated at the time of arrest, then identification can be verified at the Division of Police. If the owner is unable to be present, the person coming in for the release MUST have a signed, NOTARIZED statement from the owner stating that the individual has permission to obtain the release and the vehicle.
To obtain a release for an impounded vehicle that is marked For Court Release, the OWNER must present a paper issued by the court stating that the vehicle may be released to the Worthington Division of Police. The same identification process as previously stated will still apply.
 You must obtain a release form to pick up the vehicle from Shamrock Towing. Questions about towing fees? Contact Shamrock Towing at (614) 882-3555 for information on the cost of release and acceptable forms of payment.
How long can a motor vehicle be parked on the street without moving? 

According to city ordinances, no person shall park any vehicle on any street in the City for a continuous period of more than twenty-four hours. For more ordinances that pertain to parking, please click here.

Worthington City Ordinance prohibits inoperable vehicles from being stored in many locations around the city.


   (a)   No person shall use any premises in the City for storing, parking or otherwise keeping unlicensed, abandoned, disabled or otherwise inoperable vehicles and equipment or other objects of an unsightly nature.

   (b)   As used in this section the words "inoperable vehicles and equipment" means and include any motor vehicle, apparatus or equipment which is not in operating condition or which has no value except for salvage or junk purposes, or which has not been issued a license with a distinctive number and registration mark valid for the current year.  As used in this section the words "storing, parking or otherwise keeping" means storing, parking, standing or otherwise keeping one or more vehicles, equipment, or other objects in any place other than in an enclosed garage or accessory building for a period in excess of two weeks.

 If you believe there is a junk auto located in the city, please contact Officer Emily Lanzer by phone (614) 436-8692 or email at Emily.Lanzer@worthington.org

Please be sure to include details of the location, type of vehicle and any other information you might have about the ownership.

Do you provide finger printing services?
Currently we do not offer finger printing or background checks to the public. Many local departments do however offer this service, with varying stipulations and hours of operation.
How do I file an animal complaint?
If you have a concern regarding the well-being of an animal, we may have to defer you to animal services provided by Franklin County. Threat to the health or well-being of the public regarding animals should always be addressed by contacting 911 if it is an emergency, or our non-emergency line at 614-885-4463.
How do I file a noise complaint?
Noise complaints, unless associated with an emergency, should be addressed by contacting our non-emergency line at 614-885-4463.
What happens to unclaimed/forfeited and surplus property?
The community service officer oversees the program for the City of Worthington Police Division public auctions of unclaimed / forfeited and surplus property. The auctions are held online via the internet on the Gov Deals website
How do I obtain a copy of my accident report?
Complete this online form to request Division of Police records and reports
How do I obtain a copy of my police record?
Complete this online form to request Division of Police records and reports
How do I obtain a copy of cruiser video?
Complete this online form to request Division of Police records and reports