Firework Safety

Some Look Like It, But They're Not Toys

Fireworks are designed to burn to produce motion or visible/audible effects. They burn at approximately the same temperature as a household match and can cause burns and ignite combustibles if used improperly. For this reason, we recommend keeping fireworks of any kind away from young children. Even sparklers can be unsafe if used improperly (and they burn at ~1200 degrees Fahrenheit). Firefighters are passionate about this subject because we've seen first-hand the effects of fireworks-related injuries.


Worthington Regulations

In 2022, Worthington City Council enacted legislation prohibiting the discharge and possession with intent to discharge of consumer grade fireworks in the City. The use of wire sparklers, party poppers, smoke devices, and snapper on private property year-round is not affected and is still permitted under this legislation.


Home-Brewed Versions

Homemade fireworks are deadly. Avoid making your own devices or purchasing kits advertised for making fireworks. Mixing and loading chemical powders is very dangerous and can kill or seriously injure you.

Our Recommendation

Worthington Fire & EMS reminds residents that the safest way to enjoy fireworks is to leave them to the professionals.

Crowd Enjoying Fireworks