Critical Incident Stress Management

"CISM" has also been called Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, alluding to the time when a simple one-off session to re-has what happened at an incident and how it affected you was all that was thought to be needed. Today the approach is much broader, may entail interactions with multiple disciplines, and may include a longer or indefinite time frame.

If you have heard the terms "shell shock" or "post-traumatic stress', you are familiar with the kinds of situations that are likely to be candidates for some form of stress management. Certainly those involved in war-time action are likely to be more prone to these kinds of stressors. However, it has been shown that it can take only one critical incident, such as responding to a mass shooting, to cause a negative physiological and/or psychological reaction in anyone. 

Worthington has trained peers in both the police and fire divisions who are able to provide CISM to our emergency responders following critical events. We can also call on colleagues from other county departments who provide this service as needed, analogous to the "mutual-aid" we provide each other on emergency runs. 

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