If there is one constant at Worthington Fire & EMS, it is recognition of the critical role training, education, and professional development plays in the success of the organization. As an all-hazards response agency, there is literally no limit to the emergencies that could be encountered. On other web pages we discussed the tremendous amount of money we have invested in fire trucks, medic vehicles, and emergency equipment, but all that is literally worthless without the knowledge in how to utilize it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that for firefighters, "learning never stops". Even before deciding to apply for a position, candidates must have earned their Ohio full-time firefighter and basic EMT certifications.

And... after hiring, they experience an intensive two-week orientation where they learn the "Worthington way" of applying the knowledge they bring.

 And... after orientation, they are required to complete a comprehensive manual of skill sheets to prove their competence in application of emergency tasks.

And... after the skill sheets, they must complete a capstone project in front of their peers.

And... each shift the on-duty firefighters will engage in a period of physical training (PT), which could be in the firehouse workout facility, or might involve them dressed in their protective gear and simulating fireground tasks such as search and rescue or advancing a hose line.

And... several times during each year the on-duty firefighters will attend "Medic Mondays", where pre-hospital emergency skills and didacts are taught by their peers and/or physician medical advisors.

And... the newly-hired are required (if not already certified) to complete a 1,100 hour paramedic certification course within three years of their employment date.

And... the list goes on. It has been said that the fire service suffers lack of recognition of the level of education and professional competency necessary to perform the job well. It is our hope that the aforementioned, while not exhaustive, provides a sampling of why that reputation is woefully inaccurate. 

Vehicle Rescue Training

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Ventilation Training at Acquired Structure


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