Training Institution Partnerships

Vehicle Rescue OSU Docs

As part of Worthington's contribution to the greater EMS community, we (like some other fire departments) have partnerships with local training institutions that allow paramedic students to perform clinical ride-time on our medic units. These are currently with Columbus State Community College and Grant Medical Center. Paramedic students sign-up for six or 12 hour shifts via their institution and spend that time not only going on emergency runs, but also experiencing life at the fire station. They attend training, assist with station cleaning, perform vehicle and equipment checks, and any other tasks that are part of the plan of the day. They are required to document their EMS runs as if they were the lead care-giver and submit them to their training institution for evaluation and grading. At various intervals, students may ask that a Worthington paramedic act as their mentor or preceptor. Paramedic students are required to complete approximately 300 hours of field clinical time in order to graduate from their programs.

We also partner with Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center to provide ride-along opportunities for their fellow and resident physicians. Like the paramedic students, each medical program requires their doctors to complete a specific number of field clinical shifts. We also provide an annual full-day immersive experience with the OSU physicians where they are introduced to firehouse life. This includes a chance to perform vehicle extrication of a simulated crash victim using rescue and medic tools and equipment. Some of the riding physicians are required to present a didactic training session to our personnel during their ride-time cycle.

Cols State PM Program
Grant PM Program