Public Education

In essence, every time we have a public interaction, a form of public education occurs. Even during a tour of the fire trucks (which is mainly a public relations event) someone will leave with newly acquired information.

Our public education program seeks to present knowledge in a more targeted and formalized manner. This consists of both passive and active approaches.

Our "passive education" efforts are those we make available on our website in the form of fact sheets, brochures, and even the direct page narratives themselves. The public is always encouraged to peruse these information sources if they believe they might contain the information being sought. Those topics with a dedicated sub-page are those about which we most often receive questions. Those of occasional inquiry can be found under our "Risk Reduction Topics" page.

Our "active education" subjects usually consist of more formal presentations or classes instructed by our trained personnel. Some common examples include general fire safety and hands-only CPR.

Please take some time to explore your particular areas of interest as we work together to reduce public safety risks in the Worthington area. 

Test Smoke Alarms

Test Smoke Alarms

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