Emergency runs with lights and sirens are the most public and recognized aspect of the fire service. A passage from a time-honored book about the Fire Department of New York in the 1970s says:

"If you pick up the telephone receiver in this town you may, or may not, get a dial tone. If you get on a subway you may, or may not, get stuck in a tunnel for an hour. The wall socket in your apartment may, or may not, contain electricity. The city's air may, or may not, be killing you. The only sure thing in this town is that the firemen come when you pull down the handle on that red box."

Worthington is not New York, but we do share the main adage: When you call 9-1-1, the firefighters will come. And in both instances, this refers to everything, which is why we are considered an "all-hazards" response agency. The sub-pages of this section of our website will describe some of the main categories of runs we see most often, but this is far from inclusive. We respond to weather emergencies, terrorism incidents, natural disasters, shootings, and building collapses, in addition to the standard structural fires, vehicle crashes, and illnesses and trauma runs, and people needing a lift off the floor.

We hope this information will give you some insight into the daily experiences of our personnel as they continue to provide a rapid and efficient response in your time of need. Please know we never take for granted the trust you have in us,             

Medic Responding