Planning & Readiness

One of the many symbols of emergency management is a circle, which is indicative of the dynamic and perpetual nature of the process. It is logical that the "response" segment receives the most public focus, but the majority of the time and effort is invested in what happens prior to the emergency. This all begins with prevention (keeping it from happening in the first place) and mitigation (minimizing the consequences should the incident occur despite prevention efforts). The Worthington Division of Fire & EMS utilizes its "risk reduction" program to address these two segments, and you can take an in-depth look at these efforts on this website at

The "getting ready" stage runs the gamut from initial and ongoing training and professional development of our personnel to purchasing the appropriate trucks and equipment needed to provide a high-level of capability in responding to all hazards. It also means making sure fire hydrants are maintained and operable, that we are familiar with the buildings and transportation routes in our fire protection district, and that we continually communicate and work with the partnering agencies that make up our mutual-aid system.

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