Sick & Abandoned Animals

Sick or Injured Animals

If you suspect a deer or other animal is sick or fatally injured, please contact the Worthington Division of Police Non-Emergency number at 614-885-4463

Deer Fawns

You may find fawns that appear to be abandoned and worry that they need rescuing. Most of the time they should be left alone.  Fawns, born from April through July, are purposely left alone by their mothers. Female deer stay away from the fawns to avoid leading predators such as dogs or coyotes to their location. The white-spotted coat camouflages a fawn as it lies motionless in vegetation.

If a wild animal has been injured or truly orphaned, do not take matters into your own hands.  It is best to contact the Franklin County Wildlife Officer, to address your concerns at (614) 902-4212.