Shaker Square Park: Playground Replacement

Shaker Square

Playground Replacement


The Playground Replacement project commenced on Monday, September 11. We have cordoned off a few sections adjacent to the playground to sow grass seed. However, the playground is now accessible to the public.


The Shaker Square Park Playground Replacement is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 11. The current playground was installed in 1994 and is showing its age. City Council set aside $200,000 to fund the project in its Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and staff will be working with residents and the Parks and Recreation Commission to come up with a design for the new playground.

Final Design

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who attended our public open house and provided feedback on the proposed designs for the Shaker Square Park Playground replacement. Your input has been instrumental in helping us create the final design for the new playground.

Our staff has taken all of your feedback into consideration and worked closely with our vendor to finalize the design. You can view the design images below, and we are excited to announce that the new equipment will be ordered soon, with installation planned for late summer or early fall. We will update this page with the specific delivery and installation dates as soon as we have them. Please note that in addition to the new equipment, we will be keeping the tire swing and spinner feature in their existing location. While this is not reflected in the renderings below, we believe it is important to maintain these beloved playground features.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you at the new playground soon.

3D Rendering (view 1) - Shaker Square Park