Parks & Recreation Foundation

The City of Worthington is in the process of forming a Parks & Recreation Foundation and is seeking community members to serve on the initial Board of Directors. 


For several years, the City of Worthington has discussed the idea of a parks and recreation foundation to support and enhance parks and recreation services in Worthington in coordination with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department.  The Parks and Recreation Commission advocated for a foundation as a part of their recommendations in the Parks Master Plan which was adopted by City Council in 2017.  Since then, staff have researched various models and worked with commission and council members to refine a structure and create a process to form an initial foundation board. 

Foundation’s Mission

The Foundation is created and operated to enhance the City’s parks and related recreational resources for the enjoyment and benefit of the community of Worthington, and to do so by inspiring and organizing the engagement and contributions of the public, independent from, but in coordination with, the City’s Department of Parks & Recreation.

Contact Information

Please email Project Supervisor Celia Thornton with questions or for more information.