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General Rental Information

The Worthington Parks & Recreation Department has many opportunities for facility rentals, including the Community Center, Griswold Center, Selby and McCord Shelter houses, and sports fields within our parks. Rooms, fields, and equipment are available for meetings, seminars, private parties, or other purposes that do not compete with any of our programs.

  • Please be aware that no alcohol is allowed on the premises of any of our rental sites.
  • Groups are responsible for all setup and cleanup, and time for this must be included in the time of the rental.

Application Process 

The individual reserving a facility must be present during the entire permitted time. Payment is due at the time of the reservation. Reservations must be made in person a minimum of 3 days prior to the rental and all changes to permits MUST be in by the Thursday prior to the permit. Contact to confirm availability. 

Fee Information

Fees are established based on the type of room and residency of the person obtaining the permit.

Refund Policies

  • Requests for refunds must be made 3 weeks in advance for Swim Party Rentals and 1 week in advance for Non-swim Party Rentals.
  • Refunds will not be granted for inclement weather. There is an $8 processing fee for all refunds. (Check refund may take up to 4 weeks.)
  • Multiple rentals are non-refundable