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The City of Worthington, Ohio is seeking a forward-thinking leader for the position of City Manager. The City Manager leads and directs the daily operations of the city and is responsible for the supervision of all departments. It is a highly responsible leadership position which works closely with the City Council in ensuring the effective delivery of public services and the maintenance of the high quality of life Worthington residents have come to expect. The City Manager is a highly engaged leader and liaison with the community at-large and various community-based organizations and related regional agencies.

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10/13/2022 - News Release: Worthington City Manager Matt Greeson Accepts Position as Kettering, Ohio City Manager

A message from City Manager Matt Greeson to the Worthington Community.

Matt Greeson (1)As I prepare to depart my role as City Manager of the City of Worthington, I feel compelled to say thank you… to all of you. From the first time I visited my future in-laws at their Old Worthington home when I was in college, I have loved this community and its people. At that time, I could never have imagined that I would be given the opportunity to lead the City of Worthington, and what a blessing it has been.

When I started as City Manager almost 15-years ago, our children were pre-school aged and now looking back, I cannot imagine a better place to have raised our family. While my job gives me the opportunity to shape the future of Worthington, in so many ways, too many to count, Worthington has shaped us; positively influencing our lives.

To my fellow City of Worthington staff members, I can only reiterate how incredibly proud I am to have worked with each of you. Worthington employees are second to none; humble, dedicated, smart, and hard working. Everything that I count as a professional accomplishment is because of your efforts and teamwork, along with the support of our City Council and citizenry. I will forever be grateful for your friendship and support as I have served as your City Manager.

And to my neighbors and friends in Worthington, I say thank you. Thank you for caring so much about our community, and for your commitment to continuously improving Worthington. You consistently give your time, energy, thoughts, and resources to help make Worthington the outstanding place that it is.

While I am pursuing a new professional opportunity with the City of Kettering, Ohio, I have every confidence that I leave Worthington in worthy, capable, and committed hands. Along with our community partners, including the schools, library, business community, civic organizations, and more, I know that each and every person is committed to a seamless transition and continuing the work of making Worthington an outstanding community in which to work and live.  

Thank you for 15 years that have truly shaped me both professionally and personally. My departure is bittersweet, and no matter where we call home, a piece of our hearts will always be in Worthington.

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