No-Feeding Ordinance

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What Do I Need to Know?

The goal of this legislation is to reduce the number of deer congregating in neighborhoods throughout Worthington where intentional feeding is occurring, reduce damage to property, prevent deer-auto collisions, and slow down the growth of the deer population. The feeding ban is designed to discourage deer from remaining in the city and becoming reliant on non-native food sources. 

The legislation prohibits people from intentionally putting out food for the deer to eat. This includes foods such as fruits, grains, salt licks, vegetables, nuts, or any other edible materials that may be consumed by deer. This legislation does not include commercially purchased bird feeders, gardens, and other naturally growing landscaping, or compost piles.

How Do I Report a Potential Violation?

Residents who are concerned about the potential feeding of the deer can submit a report to the City by filling out the online complaint form.  Additionally, residents may download, print, and return this form to the Department of Planning and Building located at 374 Highland Ave, Worthington, OH 43085.  

No Feeding Fast Facts

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This legislation prohibits people from intentionally feeding deer or making food available for consumption by deer on private or public property within the City.

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