Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice

The City of Worthington receives calls about nuisance animals such as rats or other rodents from time to time.  

Typically, rodents are attracted to areas where there are sources of food—be it through letting birdseed gather under feeders, or leaving piles of yard waste or bags of trash out for extended periods. Other triggers for the migration of rodents or other wildlife to different neighborhoods can include construction projects that displace them from underground pipes or failure by a restaurant or other food-focused business to properly dispose of trash or to maintain their dumpster area.

If you notice rodents near your property, there are some basic steps that should be followed to keep them away:

Identification and Prevention of Rats and Mice in Wisconsin | Batzner

  1. Get Rid of Places Rats Live
  2. Get Rid of Food Sources
  3. How to Get Rid of Rats

Cover Openings

  • Cover openings ½ inch or larger with concrete, sheet metal, or hardware cloth.   
  • Screen basement windows and other windows that are within three feet of the ground with hardware cloth.
  • Cover basement drains with hardware cloth or a drain cover.
  • Patch holes around wires and pipes with sheet metal or concrete patching.

Seal and Snug

  • Doors should fit snugly, not more than 3/8 inch from the door frame.
  • Basement windows should fit tightly and have no broken panes.
  • Seal up enclosed spots such as between walls, crawl spaces, under porches, and around boxed-in plumbing.

Clean Up Your Yard 

  • Have junk, like old cars and appliances, hauled away. Call 311 about collecting bulk items.
  • Stack building materials, lumber, and firewood at least 18 inches off the ground.
  • Remove leaves, branches, and other yard waste.
  • Keep grass and weeds cut low (under 12 inches).