Rezoning Process

Zoning  36x36_2020-07-17_reduced_202007170830277181Rezoning is the act of amending the official zoning map. Any person, with the approval of the property owner, may petition City Council for a change to the zoning map. Following submission, a rezoning application goes through a review process that includes City staff, the Municipal Planning Commission, and finally the City Council. The accuracy and completeness of the application and materials are evaluated and considered during the review process. Public input is considered throughout the process and specifically during the Municipal Planning Commission and City Council phases.  See the Rezoning Process flow chart.

A submitted rezoning application is reviewed by various City departments such as Service & Engineering, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, Division of Fire & EMS, Division of Police and City Administration. The staff report analyzes the consistency of the petition with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and identifies potential adverse impacts to nearby properties, public infrastructure, and the environment. The review may find, based on analysis of potential development impacts, that additional materials are needed before the review of the rezoning case may proceed. 

The City is legally obligated to review all requests and must follow the process and procedures outlined in the Planning & Zoning Code for review.  See Zoning Code here.

Municipal Planning Commission meetings take place twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday of the month. City staff presents comments, and the applicant can also make a presentation on the case. These meetings are open to the public and time is allotted for public comment.  Members of the public can also submit comments in advance of the meeting which are then provided to the members of the Municipal Planning Commission. The Municipal Planning Commission discusses the proposal and asks questions of staff and the applicant.  Additional information and modifications to the proposal may be asked by the Commission.  The Commission makes a recommendation to City Council once they feel they have received enough information to make an informed decision.  This recommendation could be for approval, approval with modifications or denial of the application. City Council then has the final review. 

City Council schedules a public hearing after receiving the recommendation of the Municipal Planning Commission. The public hearing takes place during a regularly scheduled City Council meeting. These meetings are held on the first and third Monday of the month. During the public hearing, the applicant and members of the public may speak for or against the case being heard. City Council can render a final decision at the public hearing or continue the case to a future public meeting.  Once City Council is ready to make a decision, they may approve as submitted, approve with modifications or reject the proposal.

Rezoning Flow Chart 10.09.2020 (002)