Face Coverings Requirement

Level 3 graphicThe City of Worthington has instituted a requirement for the wearing of face coverings (masks) effective Tuesday, July 7, 2020. This requirement was put in place upon the advice of public health officials and is in response to Franklin County being designated at Risk Level 3 of the four-level Public Health Advisory System. At Level 3, the Ohio Department of Health has determined a very high risk of exposure and spread of the coronavirus. People are advised to limit activities as much as possible. As of October 10, 2020, Franklin County is currently designated at Level 2 or Orange. 

On July 22, 2020, Governor DeWine announced a new statewide mask order that goes into effect at 6pm on Thursday, July 23, 2020 and applies to all counties in Ohio. Learn more here.

Requirements for Face Coverings (Masks)

On Monday, July 6, 2020, City Council passed by emergency Ordinance 30-2020, which enacted a new Chapter 767 of the Codified Ordinances to require the wearing of face coverings. Ordinance 33-2020 was slightly amended by City Council at its July 20, 2020 meeting to be more in line with mask requirements enacted by the State of Ohio and City of Columbus. The amendments are effective at 8am Monday, July 27. 2020. The Ordinance states that individuals shall wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all time when:   

  1. In any indoor location that is not a residence.
  2. Waiting for, riding, driving, or operating public transportation, a taxi, a private car service, or a ride-sharing vehicle.  This does not apply to private or rental vehicles where members of a family are sharing a vehicle.  This does not apply to vehicles engaged in direct travel through the City of Worthington that do not stop in the City of Worthington;
  3. In any outdoor space or outdoor place where or when a person is unable to maintain or does not maintain physical separation of at least six feet from others who are not members of their own family or household. However, this provision shall not apply if it is not reasonably possible to avoid a temporary physical separation of less than six feet, such as walking past someone on a narrow path. 

Additionally, the Ordinance requires:  

  1. All places of business shall require all employees, contractors, volunteers, and any other individuals that interact with the public to wear a face-covering. 
  2. Businesses shall only sell or enter into a transaction with those who comply with the face coverings requirement.

See exemptions and other details outlined in Ordinance 30-2020 (amended 7/20/2020) 

The Ordinance clarifies that a face-covering shall be worn so as to cover the mouth and nose in compliance with the CDC guidance on wearing face coverings.  Download how-to mask guidelines from the CDC (right.)


Please contact Columbus Public Health with questions or concerns about these requirements or enforcement.

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