Transparency in Policing

The Worthington Division of Police is committed to working in partnership with our community in policing strategies. This partnership is built on mutual understanding and trust with an emphasis on equitable treatment and implementing de-escalation strategies.  Our agency is certified by the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board on all group standards. To this end, we consistently evaluate our actions and report those finding to our community.

Division Policies

Bias Free Policing Policy

Use of Force Policy

Vehicle Pursuit Policy

 UAV policy

 ALPR camera policy

Juvenile policy

Annual Analysis Report

Bias Free Policing Analysis

Vehicle Pursuit Analysis

Juvenile Policy Analysis

Traffic Citation Analysis

Use of Force Analysis

Technology in Policing 

The Worthington Division of police strives to use emerging technology and data to help fully combat crime in our community. 

We use automatic license plate reader technology that allows for cameras to alert on entered license plates associated with crimes as vehicles travel through our community. To view our Automatic License Plate Reader Transparency page, please click here

We are also beginning a UAV program that will provide responding officers a tool to search wooded areas for missing persons, discarded articles, and fleeing suspects. 

Note: The UAV program has not yet been implemented so the first annual review will be conducted at the end of 2024.

Compliments and Complaints

We are committed to providing our community superior law enforcement services and treating people in a manner in which is courteous, helpful, and responsive. We set high standards for the personal and professional conduct of all our employees and are accountable to the U.S. Constitution, applicable laws, industry best practices and Division policies.

Citizens can submit a compliment or complaint in person at the police department or at city hall. Submissions can also be made online at the following links:

Click here to submit a compliment form online

Click here to submit a complaint form online

Complaint Policy           

Please click here to review our Complaint Procedure 

Pintable Complaint Form