Flood Prevention & Resources

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In Franklin County, floods rank as the third biggest hazard to residents. Some floods develop slowly, while others can develop in just a few minutes. According to Ready.gov, flooding can be a hazard no matter where you live or work, but especially if you are in low-lying areas near water. 

Here are tools and resources to help you be prepared, stay aware, and become more disaster ready

If you experience a flood

Property Tax Relief for Properties Damaged by Storms

Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano is providing resources to help property owners who have been affected by storm damage get property tax relief. Ohio law gives County Auditors the authority to reduce real estate values for properties that have been damaged or destroyed by storms. A substantial reduction in property value could result in lower real estate taxes for the property until it has been restored to its prior condition or value. Property value reductions can be applied to real property, including manufactured homes. For more information and the Real Property Value Reduction form (DTE 26), visit the Auditor’s office website at www.franklincountyauditor.com/real-estate/tax-reduction-programs/damaged-destroyed-form.

Insurance Information

The Ohio Department of Insurance has created this Severe Weather Toolkit to help Ohioans be safer and more financially prepared when severe weather strikes and more familiar with how to navigate the recovery process. You can use this toolkit when preparing a safety plan for you and your family, and in conversations with an agent when reviewing your insurance protections. If you are facing a claim-filing situation, turn to the toolkit for clarity on steps to follow to get you back on your feet faster.

Anyone with insurance questions can reach Ohio Department of Insurance consumer services representatives online at www.insurance.ohio.gov, by email at consumer.complaint@insurance.ohio.gov, or by
calling 1-800-686-1526.