Public Records Requests

The City of Worthington is committed to ensuring your rights to inspect and/or receive copies of the public records we maintain.  To assist you, the City has adopted a Public Records Regulation and Schedules of Record Retention that are available for your review.

Public Records may be inspected and/or copies of public records may be requested.  Copies will be made available within a reasonable period of time. Requests may be made for duplication of Public Records upon paper, upon the same medium in which the Public Record is kept, or upon any other medium on which the office determines that the record can be reasonably duplicated.  Any fees to be charged are detailed in the Public Records Regulation.

Request Police Records and Reports 

Complete this online form to request Division of Police records and reports

General Public Records Requests

The City provides a general Public Records Request Form for requesting public records, which can be completed and delivered to the City Clerk’s Office, 6550 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085, or submitted by email to the City Clerk's office, or call 614-436-3100.

NOTE: You do not have to use this form to request public records and your request does not need to be in writing.  If you use this form, you do not have to reveal your identity, provide your name, provide complete contact information or indicate how you intend to use the requested public record(s).