East Wilson Bridge Road Projects

Granby Place - 181 East Wilson Bridge Road

Worthington City Council has approved a final development plan for the "Granby Place" apartments at 181 E. Wilson Bridge Road. The 32 unit development will stand on two acres of land, on the south side of East Wilson Bridge Road, that is currently vacant with no existing structures. 

The units will range in size from 1 to 3 bedroom and will all be single-story. Developers are also providing additional right of way along East Wilson Bridge Road for future construction of a shared multi-use path. 

October 15, 2018 City Council Agenda
October 15, 2018 City Council Meeting Minutes


Under new zoning categories approved by Council in 2016, Council rezoned the two parcels where the proposed project will be located to Medium Density Residential (WBC-1). This project aligns with the Wilson Bridge Road Corridor strategic plan that involved public input and approval by City Council.

Development Application & Supporting Materials
6/28/2018 ARB-MPC agenda

181 E. Wilson Bridge Site plan