Juvenile Firesetter Education

As part of our dedication to fire prevention, the Worthington Division of Fire and EMS provides specialized fire safety education to those children who become involved in fire play or fire setting. Our Juvenile Firesetter Educators receive specialized training so that they can evaluate the child's and/ or families needs. Fire play can be a result of child's inherent curiosity or it can be related to some other unseen factors. Our educators have numerous resources that can be drawn to stop the child's fire play.

Curiosity fire play can often be solved with a course in fire safety completed in a few one-on-one sessions between child and educator. In cases were fire play is not the result of simple curiosity, our educators have working relationships with a variety of other professionals who can be called on for assistance. Whatever the reason, or educators will work closely with the child and their family in an effort to keep everyone fire-safe. If you have any questions, please contact us for further information (614) 885-7640.