Interactive Maps

Visualizing Worthington

With our interactive maps users can see the geographic relationships between the City’s features and answer many questions such as:

  • Who owns a property and what is its value?
  • What is the zoning of my property?
  • Does my house fall within the Architectural District?
  • What City utilities are on or near my property?
  • What is my home’s FEMA flood zone classification?
  • Who lives within 200 feet of a property?

Multi-purpose Maps

  • Base Map: Contains multiple layers that can be turned on and off. Links to Franklin County Auditor for property information.
  • Sewers Map: Focuses on the City’s storm and sanitary sewer systems and allows for retrieval of a property's sanitary sewer connection records
  • Street Maintenance Map:  Shows major road work from 1971 to present by year of construction 

Single-purpose Maps